BCGAME Casino: Our Test and Review

BC GAME first crossed our radar back in 2020. Back then, they were already turning heads in the crypto world, offering original, provably fair games and accepting many cryptocurrencies (34). We were impressed, to say the least. But oh, how they’ve grown since those early days!

BC GAME Casino’s evolution has been nothing short of extraordinary, from introducing ground-breaking features to partnering with some of the biggest names in the crypto industry. Over the years, we have seen this platform blossom into a global phenomenon (see a gallery of pictures below where you can compare the difference), transcending borders and winning the hearts of gamblers across the globe. All the while, BC GAME’s commitment to enhancing user experience has remained unwavering, catering to every gambler’s need, from the rookie to the high roller.

But don’t take our word for it. We invite you to explore this impressive platform with us through our lens of experience and credibility. We stand today as seasoned players, having achieved level 31 of BC GAME’s VIP program and wagered over $162,000. We’ve battled it out on Crypto Roulette, hit high scores on Sugar Rush, and ventured through the Gates of Olympus.

With its expansive offering and compelling features, BC GAME has set a new benchmark in the crypto gambling space. Let’s dive into the key highlights of this casino:

  • Game Selection: With a staggering 7,187 slots, 566+ Live Casino Games, 24 original provably fair games, 6 exclusive slot machines, and an extensive sportsbook, BC GAME’s portfolio is as vast as it is diverse.
  • Quick Withdrawals: they respect your time. With an average withdrawal time of 5 to 10 minutes, you can enjoy your winnings without unnecessary delays.
  • Versatile Payment Options: it accepts an astounding 120 different cryptocurrencies, 18 blockchain integrations, 29 fiat currencies, and even 8 NFTs. You can also buy crypto directly on the platform via MoonPay.
  • Bonus Bonanza: A unique bonus dashboard provides a concise view of your daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses, including a generous welcome bonus package and VIP perks. Not to forget the daily spin of the fortune wheel, with potential winnings of up to 5 BTC.
  • Prominent Sponsorships: the casino has made a name in the sports world through sponsorships of the Argentina National Football Team, Cloud9 Esports Organizations, and Brazilian footballer David Luiz as their official brand ambassador.
  • Trust and Transparency: they prioritize transparency by revealing RTP for every game and facilitating user-friendly accessibility via multiple payment options. Their commitment to growth and community is evident from their strategic partnerships, platform development, and thriving social media community.

In the ever-evolving world of online casinos, game selection is king. And in this kingdom, BC GAME Casino wears the crown with aplomb. Starting from humble beginnings with just eight provably fair games, BC Game now hosts a mind-blowing library of nearly 8,000 games! Let’s delve into the details.

BC Originals 

Known for its innovative in-house games, BC GAME offers titles like Mines, Crash, Dice, and the Lottery, where you could win up to a whopping $100,000. Fluid betting dynamics and opportunities for advanced betting strategies make their original games a paradise for high rollers.

Slot Selection 

When it comes to slots, BC GAME truly shines. With a diverse assortment that rivals even TrustDice,, and BetFury, BC GAMES holds a distinctive edge. Their offering is not just about quantity but also about quality, boasting exclusive branded slots only available on their platform. Games like ‘Goddess of BC.Game’ (by Spinomenal), ‘BC.Game Sugar Rush’ (by Pragmatic Play), and ‘BC Cash’ (by BGaming) are immensely popular among players.

Live Casino 

The live casino section at BC GAME is an immersive experience. While they don’t have their own branded tables like Roobet or Stake, they offer a comprehensive range of games from giants like Evolution, Pragmatic, and Playtech, as well as from smaller providers loved across different nations. They even host early releases of certain games before other casinos, a testament to their commitment to providing the latest offerings. For instance, ‘Extra Chilli Epic Spins Live Game Show’ was one of the first new releases to hit their live casino.


BC GAME ventured into sports betting in 2022, adding a new dimension to its platform. Now, gamblers can place bets on over 46 markets, making searching and building your parley easy. Some events also offer a combo boost multiplier, enabling you to secure better odds and potentially bigger wins.

BC GAME Casino stands out thanks to its cutting-edge approach to banking and transactions in the world of online casinos. Its commitment to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies demonstrates an eagerness to embrace a decentralized future, with the casino accepting an astounding 120+ different digital currencies along with 29 traditional fiat currencies.

Variety and Flexibility

Whether you want to use Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any of the myriad other cryptos, BC Game has you covered. With direct integration into 18 blockchain networks, it provides the option for players to select their preferred network for both deposits and withdrawals, a feature that is particularly beneficial during periods of network congestion to save on transaction fees.

For traditional currency players, BC Game offers a variety of deposit options, including bank transfers and native payment solutions such as AstroPay for Canadian players. The minimum deposit varies depending on the payment method, ranging from a few cents to over $20. On the other hand, cryptocurrency deposits have no minimum limit, offering even greater flexibility.

Anonymity and Speed

Using cryptocurrencies allows for a level of anonymity unmatched by traditional payment methods and usually bypasses KYC controls. On the other hand, fiat currency transactions might require you to provide ID or source of funds documentation.

One of BC Game’s standout features is the speed of its transactions. Deposits and withdrawals are executed at lightspeed – typically, deposits take 2-5 minutes, while withdrawals take 5-10 minutes. However, larger or suspicious withdrawals may undergo an audit process, taking 1-6 hours for added security.

BC.Game’s Vault Pro: Your Crypto Bank with High Returns

One of BC GAME’s hallmark features is the Vault Pro – a specialized vault that functions as a high-yield crypto bank. The Vault Pro offers an impressive Annual Percentage Rate (APR) between 5% (all cryptocurrencies) to 10% (on BCD only) on deposits, outperforming standard bank accounts by a significant margin.

With Vault Pro, players can transfer their assets from their main wallet to the vault, allowing these funds to accumulate yield over time. The vault’s unique mechanism discourages impulsive betting, as funds stored there cannot be directly used for wagering. This allows you a moment’s pause and a chance to rethink before placing another bet.

Security is at the forefront of Vault Pro, with an additional layer of protection provided through email verification and 2-Factor Authentication (2FA). This ingenious feature allows BC Game to reward its loyal players while promoting the prudent use of the platform’s services.

BC Swap: Instant Crypto Exchange for Uninterrupted Gameplay

BC Swap is another unique feature that places BC GAMES Casino at the cutting edge of the online casino industry. With BC Swap, players can effortlessly exchange one cryptocurrency for another without leaving the platform, saving on transaction fees and retaining more gaming rewards. However, this incurs a 1.5% fee.

Given the current high transaction fees associated with cryptocurrencies, this tool offers much-needed relief to those of you who want to maximize your wagering potential. BC Swap also aligns with BC Game’s robust anti-money laundering policy, ensuring that all transactions are legal and do not attract unnecessary regulatory attention.

BC Game Dollar (BCD)

What is BCGame Dollar (BCD)?

BCGame Dollar (BCD) was introduced by BCGame Casino as a unique and innovative bonus system to cater to the needs of its growing user base. BCGame, a popular digital currency casino, has always been at the forefront of introducing novel features and promotions to engage its players. The development of BCD was a natural extension of this commitment, providing users with an exclusive in-house currency designed to reward their loyalty and encourage more gameplay.

Purpose of BCD

The primary role of BCD is to serve as a bonus currency within the BCGame platform. Players can earn BCD through various promotional activities, such as deposit bonuses, rakeback, and the daily prize wheel. Once accumulated, BCD can be unlocked and used to play games on the platform or converted into other cryptocurrencies for withdrawal. The introduction of BCD has further incentivized players to engage with the platform and take advantage of its wide array of games and promotions. With BCD, BCGame aims to create a more rewarding and exciting gaming experience for its users, setting itself apart from other cryptocurrency gambling websites.

BCD on the Ethereum Blockchain

BCGame’s in-platform stablecoin, BCD, pegged 1:1 to the US dollar, has achieved a significant milestone in a thrilling development for the crypto gambling community. The company has successfully launched BCD on the Ethereum blockchain, significantly enhancing its utility and accessibility for its loyal users.

Curious parties can examine the BCD token contract on Etherscan via this link: This development demonstrates the platform’s commitment to innovation and sets the stage for future growth.

BCD’s current support on the Ethereum network is just the beginning. BCGame’s vision transcends a single blockchain, as the company aims to broaden BCD’s horizons by pursuing compatibility with multiple blockchains. This ambitious plan promises to make BCD even more convenient and adaptable for the platform’s expanding user base, ensuring that BCGame remains at the forefront of the crypto gambling industry.

Unlocking BCD: How It Works

One of the primary ways players can earn BCD is through deposit bonuses offered by the BCGame platform. These bonuses are designed to encourage players to make deposits and play casino games while also allowing them to accumulate BCD. In a typical crypto casino welcome deposit bonus, players receive a percentage of their deposit amount as a bonus, which is then credited to their BCD balance. For instance, a 25% deposit bonus means that for every $100 deposited, the player will receive $25 worth of BCD. It’s essential to read the terms and conditions of each deposit bonus to fully understand its requirements, such as KYC and verification procedures or any wagering restrictions.

BC GAME continues to innovate with features such as buying cryptocurrency via MoonPay, effectively depositing your funds directly into your BC Game casino balance.

BCGame Casino elevates the gaming experience by offering various promotions and bonuses to benefit new players, intermediates, and VIP users. Let’s dive into these rewarding opportunities, highlighting their unique benefits and potential limitations.

BCGame Casino offers Bonuscodes and Bonuslinks as promotional codes or links containing free coins with no wager requirements. Upon redeeming, the coins are yours to keep. You can find these codes and links on BC.Game’s social media accounts, specific streamers, review sites like ours (, forums, and during special events.

How to Redeem: Copy the entire code or click the Bonuslink to log in to your BC.Game account, and enter the code in the appropriate field or let the Bonuslink redirect you to the login page.

Requirements: Different Bonuslinks/Bonuscodes may have different level requirements depending on the event. If your level is too low, continue wagering and increasing your level to be eligible for these bonuses.

Get your BC GAME Shitcode: $ [BCGAME-1W4LS2FTHE6DORHIVG7VS4P33Q]$

If you sign up with our referral link ( and reach level 14 of the VIP, reach out via Twitter or Discord, and we will send you 20$ as a gift 🎁 no string attached! Note: to qualify, you must deposit at least 20$ on your first deposit.

Daily Spin on the Lucky Wheel

Upon signing up, spin the Lucky Wheel for a chance to win up to 1 BTC. As you continue to be active and increase your VIP level, you could win up to 5 BTC.

Welcome Deposit Bonus

As a new player, seize the opportunity of a unique deposit bonus feature. The bonus percentage on the deposited amount varies between 120% and 360%, depending on the deposit amount and your deposit order.

BC Game’s BCD deposit bonus is unique because it does not lock or hold your initial deposit, allowing you to withdraw it anytime. The bonus remains intact and can be unlocked in the future when you’re ready to play. Moreover, there are no restrictions on which games to play to unlock your BCD rewards.

Consider the BCD deposit bonus as a Rakeback. As you continue wagering, your BCD will unlock along with the Rakeback, resulting in an additional 20% Rakeback on top of the original one.

Intermediate and Advanced Bonuses (VIP14+)

As a VIP14+ player, the BC Game casino opens up a host of exciting bonuses for you.

  • Hit Coco (VIP14): Look out for the COCO spider that appears randomly every six hours. Click the spider to receive BCD rewards based on your VIP level.
  • Daily Wager Contest: The top ten players who wager the most every 24 hours share a progressively increasing prize pool.
  • Master Medals: Exceptional tasks on the platform earn you Master Medals, and accumulating all can win you $10,000.

Exclusive Bonuses for VIP22+ Players:

Exclusive bonuses such as the innovative “Recharge” bonus allow you to claim bonuses every 10 minutes based on your wagered amount in the past 7 days, and the “Monthly Bonus” is offered to VIP22+ players.

  • The Monthly Cashback is a personalized bonus based on your recent activity.

Perks for VIP38+ Players:

Reaching VIP level 38 opens the gates to exclusive benefits like dedicated host service, Top-Up bonuses, Weekly Bonuses, and more.

For a comprehensive understanding of BCGame’s VIP system, we recommend reading this guide BCGame VIP Program.

BC Game Casino stands out with its intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless navigation experience on mobile and desktop platforms. The design principles that BC Game Casino incorporates prioritize user experience, making the platform increasingly accessible and easy to navigate even for first-time players.

Clean, Streamlined Design

BC Game Casino’s interface is clean and straightforward. You can find and play your desired game with a few clicks, making the user experience smooth and efficient. The helpful footer provides easy access to vital information and specific site areas that might not be immediately visible, enhancing the platform’s usability.

The user interface arrangement is quite similar to most other crypto casinos. The left side features a menu, the top bar includes a search function and profile information, and additional details reside in the footer. The defining feature, however, is the game filtering/search system, allowing you to locate the games you want to play quickly. In this aspect, BC Game Casino competes effectively with platforms like 500Casino and Gamdom.

Mobile Compatibility

The mobile version of BC Game Casino works flawlessly, maintaining the ease of finding the right games with a couple of clicks, just like the desktop version. Although there’s no dedicated mobile app, BC Games Casino suggests saving the homepage on your phone as a favorite. This creates an icon among your apps, offering an app-like experience without requiring any downloads. Essentially, this is not a traditional mobile app but a web app, ensuring the platform remains accessible and convenient for all players.

The commitment to responsible gambling practices is a non-negotiable marker of reputable online casinos. While BC Game Casino doesn’t have as extensive a range of resources for responsible gambling as some competitors, it does offer essential tools for players wishing to manage their gambling habits.

Self-Exclusion Mechanism

One of BC Game Casino’s primary and only responsible gambling resources is its self-exclusion mechanism. This lets you voluntarily block access to your account for a specific period, mitigating potential gambling issues. Self-exclusion periods can be set for 1, 3, 6, 12 months, or even permanently.

To activate self-exclusion, you need to request Live Support. Once activated, the self-exclusion will prevent access to your account and prohibit withdrawals during the designated period. Notably, any pending bets placed before activating self-exclusion will remain valid and settle according to official results. Upon the lapse of the self-exclusion period, you may withdraw winnings from qualifying bets.

It’s important to note that once self-exclusion has been initiated, it cannot be altered to a shorter period or canceled until the chosen period has passed. If you wish to extend their self-exclusion period, you can do so by contacting the customer services team. To reinstate the account after the self-exclusion period, players must send an email request to [email protected].

Based on our experiences and comprehensive analysis, BC Game Casino is a high-quality choice for crypto enthusiasts and traditional online casino players. The platform’s diverse gaming offerings, easy-to-use, and responsive customer support provide a well-rounded and enjoyable gambling experience.

We were particularly impressed with BC Game Casino’s commitment to cryptocurrencies, which will surely appeal to the growing community of digital currency users. Moreover, its proactive chat moderation ensures a respectful and enjoyable user community, a feature, not all online casinos can boast of.

However, potential players must be fully aware of the terms and conditions associated with the welcome bonus, particularly the wagering requirements. While they may initially seem daunting, a thorough understanding can make these requirements more manageable.